Fixing Mistakes Workshop

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$45 – 2 sessions

Are you scared of dropped stitches? Not sure how to fix that mystery hole you accidentally made? Then this is the class for you. Feel the stress melt away as your instructor guides you through the basics of knit fabric’s structure, and teaches you to methodically fix a variety of mistakes that you might run into. This class will allow you to experiment with your knitting without the fear of “messing it up”.

Skill Level: This class is for the knitter who has enough experience knitting to recognize mistakes.

Skills Taught: Different fixing processes - tinking, frogging, life lines, picking up stitches, twisted stitches and extra stitches, dealing with missing or too many stitches, reversing leaning decreases and cables.

Homework to bring to Class (Mandatory): 3 completed swatches approximately 4"x4" in a smooth, light-colored, worsted-weight yarn. Cast on 20 stitches:
Swatch 1: garter, do not bind off, leave on a needle
Swatch 2 & 3: stockinette, do not bind off, leave on needle

Materials: Double pointed needles (4.0-4.5 mm), crochet hook, cable needle, tapestry needle, round stitch markers, locking stitch markers

Saturdays, Sept 16 and 23 - 1 to 3 pm

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