Gist Yarn Birch Bark Runner Pattern


Designed by Jennifer E. Kwong

This textured table runner is woven in plain weave with a supplementary weft and boutonné (pulled loops) throughout the design. The pattern and neutral color palette are inspired by birch trees and winter walks in the woods. Designed with beginner rigid heddle weavers in mind, this project combines a sturdy 3/2 organic cotton warp with a textural cotton slub weft. Order a kit.


  • Rigid heddle loom (Read about adapting rigid heddle patterns for multi-shaft looms here.)
  • 7.5 dent reed
  • One boat shuttle with bobbins and one stick shuttle
  • 5mm knitting needle


Warp: Beam 3/2 Organic Cotton, 570 yds Natural

Weft: Mallo Cotton Slub, 290 yds Natural, 90 yds Coal


  • 12" weaving width
  • 15 EPI (doubled ends in a 7.5 dent reed)
  • 9.5 PPI (including inlay picks)
  • One runner, 10" W x 71.5" L + fringe
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