Koigu Pencil Box Collection

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Koigu's newest book, the "Koigu Pencil Box Collection" is a collaboration with 12 designers who got creative with Koigu's new Pencil Box Packs to create 14 new patterns. The Koigu Pencil Box packs are packs of 10 25g skeins of KPPPM in different variegated colourways.

The talented designers we owe many thanks to for this successful pattern book project are Kathy Merrick, Unjung Yun, Marji Lafreniere, Irina Puludnenko, Deborah Newton, Elke Schroeder, Maria Leigh as well as Koigu's own Maie Landra, Taiu Landra, Cathy Fascinato, Dianna Brown, and Joanna Clayson.

Paperback • 54 pages

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