Kollage Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tool - Pack of 3

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This sturdy, plastic tool is used to separate Kollage Interchangeable needle tips from the cables when you need to switch to a different size of needle or different length of cable. 

The large easy grip tweezers make it possible to handle, even if you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel.

We throw in a connector tool with your first pair of Kollage Needles and cables but you can also buy the tool separately in a set of three in case you need to replace a lost tool, or just want to strategically stash them around the house.

This tool is for use only with Kollage interchangeable needles and is not for use with other manufacturers' needle sets. 

To change tips:

  • Match up the markings on the needle base and cable tip
  • Insert the nubs of the tweezer tool into the holes
  • Squeeze gently, and pull out the cable.

The tool has notches on each side to hold the tool in place on the cable join without slipping as you insert the tweezer nubs into the holes. The nubs on the tool allow you to squeeze the prongs of the cable end just enough to pass by the ridge inside the needle tip that holds the cable in place.

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