Kollage Square Interchangeable Set - Mini Set

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You asked for it, and now it’s here: Kollage’s Square Interchangeable Needle Set! These are some of the best interchangeable needles we’ve tried. They simply won’t come detached, until you’re ready to detach them — so you can trust all of your intricate projects to your Kollage set!

Kollage Square™ Interchangeables use a patented click-together system. Needle tips and cable click together and stay together while you’re knitting!

Mini Set:
A mini version of the sturdy, zipped canvas case, perfect to stash in your knitting bag! It includes:

  • Blue canvas case with elastic slots for your needle tips and pockets for your accessories
  • Kollage’s Square needle tips, approximately 5″ long, made of aluminum with a titanium-colored finish, in sizes US 4 – US 10
  • Three firm cables to make circular needles in lengths 24″, 32″ and 40″
  • Two end caps, perfect for saving your work on a cable while you use the tips on another project, or for creating a flexible needle
  • Tweezer tool for disconnecting the tips from the cords
  • Instructions for how to connect and disconnect the tips


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