Oxford Punch Needle Kit with Book

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Arounna Khounnoraj (@Bookhou) has given this traditional craft a modern twist with her book PUNCH NEEDLE. These kits contain the book and all the essential tools you need to give it a try – just add your favourite worsted weight yarn!

About the book….

Discover a fresh take on a traditional craft in this ultimate introduction to the art of punch needling.

Giving this forgotten craft a modern twist is author Arounna Khounnoraj (aka Bookhou). One of Canada's most sought after mentors and creatives, she has caused a social media storm with her beautiful images and videos featuring her modern interpretation of this craft.

In Punch Needle Workshop she shows you how to create your own floral and abstract designs, teaches the basic stitches and guides you in mastering punch needling through a stylish collection of 20 homeware and accessory projects.

It won't take long to ace, as this is one of the most straightforward crafts to pick up - all you need is your hands, a ball of yarn, some fabric, and a punch needle. Discover how to create stunning cushions, wall art, bags, a blanket and an impressive rug with the help of illustrated step-by-steps, pattern charts and inspirational project photography. Each piece highlights Arounna's beautiful botanical and abstract pattern work, sense of color and combination of stitches, which bring this age-old technique bang up to date.

Arounna also shows you how to develop and translate your own designs into beautiful pieces to feature around your home. So once you have mastered the basics, you can begin to design your own creations. . . the possibilities are endless.


1 x Punch Needle book by Arounna Khounnoraj
1 x Oxford Punch Needle #14
1 x Morgan 10″ No-Slip Hoop
1 x 18″ x 60″ piece of Monks Cloth

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