SweetGeorgia 2022 Advent Calendar

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It’s difficult to picture winter right now, with the blue skies and blooming flowers outside. Just as the seasons always do, those end-of-year cold months will return with icy wonder, evergreen trimmings, and… SweetGeorgia Yarn’s Advent 2022 set! For twenty-four days in December, we’ll immerse ourselves in a festive season filled with colour, delight, and a sense of woolly lightness.

  • Fingering-weight base features 15 individually wrapped mini-skeins of Tough Love Sock and CashLuxe Spark, a total of 788 yds / 720 m, a lovely array of accessories and surprises, one knit shawl pattern by Tabetha Hedrick and one crochet shawl pattern by Ruth Nguyen. Both patterns are laid out in a twenty-four-day schedule.
  • Spinning base features 15 individually wrapped fibres of various fibres, a total of 6.5 oz / 184 g and a lovely array of accessories and surprises.

Each Advent 2022 set offers a luxuriant treat of self-care, beauty, fibre-fun and an ALL-Access 1 month subscription to the School of SweetGeorgia (for new members only). 

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