Addi 24" (60cm) Turbo Rocket Circular Needles

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Addi Rockets take your knitting to new speeds!  Here you have the sharper, longer Lace point that so many have come to love and addi’s stellar Turbo nickel plating. Pick up your stitches with ease, move them along quick as can be.

When addi first produced the Rocket circulars, they were only available in the smaller sizes — so they were called “Sock Rockets.” Now that Rockets are available all the way up to a US 13, they’re simply called “addi Turbo Rockets” — but some of the older packaging still says “Sock Rockets.” They’re the same great needles, with or without the “Sock”!

Please note that all sizes US 0 and smaller have a gold cord while all other sizes have a blue cord.

Actual needle length for 24" and above: 5 in/12.8 cm

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