Ashford Rigid Heddle Freedom Roller

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Quick and simple to attach, this additional front roller gives you the freedom to weave longer lengths of fabric and the freedom to weave with thick weft yarns, all the while keeping the optimum sheds. Weave double width projects with ease, weave rag or rya knot rugs longer and thicker, weave with super yarns, and weave multiple projects without cutting and re-leashing the warp.

Kit includes Freedom Roller with clicker pawl, warp stick and warp stick ties.

When using your Freedom Roller, there is no need to cut off the warpstick on your original roller. Simply turn the original roller so the warpstick and ties are down, out of the way of your warp going on the freedom roller.

Leave the knobs on your loom and you can quickly switch between using the loom with or without the Fredom Roller. 

The Freedom roller can be used with the new style Rigid Heddle Stand Variable, attached at the rear of the loom or alternatively it can be used on the front with the loom on a table. 


  • Quick and easy to attach
  • Solid silver beech hardwood

Finish natural compatibility

RHFR4 - rigid heddle loom 40cm (16")
RHFR6 - rigid heddle loom 60cm (24")

Please note the freedom roller can not be used with the old style loomstand. It is designed to sit on a table edge or can be used with the new style variable loom stand.

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