Furls Cassie: Stunning Pewter Lamb Pendant

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Could it be rescue?

Baaa!” she cried out.

Finally, after hours of stumbling around a blizzardy mountainside, Cassie – our freezing baby lamb - was saved and taken in by a loving family of goats. As Cassie grew up in a small Mongolian goat communtiy, she lived the life of the “ugly duckling”, always wondering why she never grew horns like her siblings. One day she visited the wisest goat in all the country and learned, with much surprise, that she was in fact a sheep! She spent the rest of her life teaching tolerance between goats and sheep and harmony between Cashmere and Merino.

She is creative ewe with a love for the simple things in life. She is that fun and innovative friend who is always there to encourage your wildest dreams. With Cassie by your side, anything is possible!

How It's Made

Each stunning piece of Furls’ crochet jewelry is hand-cast from the most pure pewter in the world at the Furls casting studio in California. After being removed from the molds, every piece is inspected for rigorous quality and then polished with love and care to a eye-catching, fiberartist-drool-inducing luster.

Product Specs

Each Furls Crochet pendant arrives on an 20", Sterling Silver Snake Chain, as pictured in the photographs. The pendant is approximately 1.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall.

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