ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeable 5" Complete Set

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The ChiaoGoo RED Lace needles that you love now come as an interchangeable set! The ChiaoGoo TWIST Complete Interchangeable set comes in an adorable black and white zippered fabric case. When closed, the book-style case is just 6" x 8". The outside of the case features a zippered pocket while inside the case are two, double-rows of pockets with a total of 29 pockets for tips. In addition, the pockets that are holding needle tips are clearly labeled with both the US and the metric needle size.

The cords are Red nylon-coated, multi-stand, steel cables. The needle tips are high-grade stainless steel with the sharp RED Lace tips and a hole to use a lifeline. The needle tips are clearly labeled with the needle size.

The Complete Set includes the following 5" needle tips:

2.75mm (US 2), 3.25mm (US 3), 3.5mm (US 4), 3.75mm (US 5), 4.0mm (US 6), 4.5mm (US 7), 5.0mm (US 8), 5.5mm (US 9), 6.0mm (US 10), 6.5mm (US 10 1/2), 8.0mm (US 11), 9.0mm (US 13), 10.0mm (US 15)

The accessories included are: 3 - large cables to make 24" (60cm), 32" (80cm) and 40" (100cm) circulars. 3 - small cables to make 24" (60cm), 32" (80cm) and 40" (100cm) circulars. 1 - "S" cord connector 1 - "L" cord connector 2 - "S" end caps 2 - "L" end caps 2 - Cord keys Stitch markers 5" needle gauge Needle Inventory Sheet

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