Eucalan Delicate Wash

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The laundry solution for your clothes (yes, even hand-knitted items), your bills and the environment! Designed for delicates, and full of natural oils like lanolin to keep your items soft and static-free, Eucalan is completely free from bleach, phosphates, petro-chemicals and any synthetic dyes or fragrances. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and produced in recyclable bottles. Eucalan’s ‘no rinse’ formula means less water, less energy use and less ‘agitation’ – saving you money as well as protecting the environment and your laundry.

When choosing a scent, it really comes down to personal preference. You may choose a scent simply because you love it or you could choose one that best suits a specific purpose. Check out each of our scents to learn what makes each unique and which are the best fit for your needs.

Choose from 5 scents:

  • Eucalyptus, which inhibits moths and other crawlies to protect natural fibers before storage (great for pets and their bedding – it inhibits fleas too!)
  • Lavender, which calms, relaxes and aids sleep, as well as having moth-inhibiting properties
  • Grapefruit, with antiseptic qualities – great for lingerie, sportswear and baby clothes – and a refreshing scent
  • Natural, for those who prefer their laundry unscented
  • Wrapture, the romantic jasmine-based scent designed by Kristin Omdah

All Eucalan scents are created from natural oils. The 500ml bottle of Eucalan is enough for approximately 95 handwashes (lanolin is even kind to your skin for handwashing) or 33 machinewashes. The100ml bottle of Eucalan is enough for approximately 20 hand washes and is the perfect size for travel & gifting. The 5ml is for single use and is the perfect travel or “try me” size.

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