Gleener Dryer Dots Eco Fabric Softener

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In lieu of harsh chemicals, Gleener® Dryer Dots™ harness the natural properties of wool for eco & effective fabric softening that shaves dryer time by up to 30%. Tell your old fabric softener to bounce and say hello to a new, greener softness.

Softens, Separates & Fluffs

Our Dryer Dots wool dryer balls soften fabrics naturally with their gentle (and uber quiet) tumbling motion.

Saves Time, Money & Energy

Their super thirsty 100% wool composition soaks up moisture to speed drying time by up to 30%. Dryer Dots also increase the air circulation in your dryer for faster loads that consume less energy. A win for you and for the planet.

Fragrance-Free & Hypoallergenic

Free of chemical softeners and scents, Dryer Dots are safe for those with sensitive skin, asthma, and allergies. You can even use them to soften baby clothes and cloth diapers. Need we say more?


Gentle on all dryer-friendly fabrics, Dryer Dots leave behind no icky chemical residues.

Durable & Re-useable

Gleener Dryer Dots last to up 1,000 loads – that’s three years worth of laundry! (Sorry).


1. Toss into the dryer and run the cycle as usual

2. Smile; you'll be done laundry that much sooner :)

Use 3 dryer balls for small loads and 6 or more for medium to large loads. When not is use, just leave them in the dryer with the door ajar, or store them unsealed in their re-usable packaging.

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