Handmade Getaway- Hardcover First Edition

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Handmade Getaway: by Jacqueline Sava Clarke & Karyn Valino

Organized into five chapters, it covers everything from planning to execution—whether you only have a few hours to spend or you’re planning a multi-day getaway. Each chapter covers fabric, friends and food, with tips and resources to help you plan.

This special First Edition was funded through their community on Kickstarter. Each copy from this limited run will be hand-numbered and hardcover bound. The First Edition of Handmade Getaway is only available through exclusive retailers!


creating the perfect sewing adventure filled with
fabric, friends & food


Exactly as the name implies, this inspiring book is your guide to getting away from it all—just you, your sewing machine, good friends and a quiet place to relax. If you’ve always dreamed of organizing a day, a weekend or a week away just to sew, this planner by Jacqueline Sava Clarke and Karyn Valino will help you step-by-step through scheduling, packing, and sewing your way through your time together.

Meet up with your friends to sew as often as you like because this book includes 14 individual and 7 group projects, at least a year’s worth of fun get-togethers. Designed specifically for sewing retreats, Jacqueline and Karyn offer practical guidance and checklists for everything your group will need, from help with planning supplies and how much time you’ll need, to suggestions for extra activities and menu planning. It won’t matter if your friends are new to sewing or if they’re pros, what matters is that you’ll all be together making your own cherished items that can only have been made with the collaboration that happens on a handmade getaway.

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