Hikoo Tee Cakes

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HiKoo’s Tee Cakes is constructed using strips of waste left over from the manufacturing of tee shirts. Colorful, fun, funky, unique … these are all words that describe this 'yarn'. Tee Cakes lends itself to both knitting and crochet, and features between 225 and 300 grams per cake. There is an average of 75 yards per cake, but some cakes may have more or less yardage, depending on the width of the strips and the weight of the original fabric. Each cake is as individual as the t-shirt it was made from. Colorways will always fluctuate, due to the materials used.

Tee Cakes are created using waste left over from the manufacturing of tee shirts. Each lot is unique, and will vary in cut and color.

  • 51% Cotton Scraps, 49% Scraps of Undetermined Fiber Content
  • 225-300 gram cakes average about 75 yards, depending on width and weight of original fabric
  • 9.0-15 mm (US 13-19) needles
  • Varies (Stitches per 4.0 inches/10 cm)
  • Machine Wash, Warm, Dry Flat


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