Kentia Wrap by Ambah O'Brien / Koigu Kit

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A Koigu / Ambah O'Brien collaboration

Designed with  Koigu pencil box set featuring 10 colours, paired with a contrasting lighter colour to make the set shine. Kentia Wrap is a project using a simple mosaic knitting a technique.
Sample  - Original shown in: 
MC: Koigu, KPM, (fingering weight, 100% Merino, 175 yd/160 m per 50 g), 870 yd/796 m 
CC: Koigu, Pencil Box, (fingering weight, 100% Merino, 870 yd/796 m per 250 g), Kentia Wrap Set, colour numbers in order used: P494, P736, P825, P438, 1500, P741, P453, P524, P530, P150B

Kits include: Five 50g skeins of MC and One Pencil Box of Ten 25g skeins for CC. (Pattern is NOT included)

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