Dungarees and Dress from Little Cotton Rabbits

This pattern includes 2 garments; a pair of dungarees/overalls and a pinafore dress. They are designed to be roomy and will fit over any of the sweaters included with the boy animal patterns, or any of the designs from either the ‘seasonal sweaters pattern’ or the ‘trio of top down sweaters pattern’. PLEASE NOTE: The pattern does not include the pattern for the bunnies wearing the clothing. Those are available separately.

The designs are very simple as they just use regular stocking and garter stitches and a little ribbing at the waist. There’s a little shaping around the pockets so that they are functional and can be used to store treasures in or to pop the tiny toy bunny in - the pattern for that is also included.

Finished size: approx 11 cm (4 ¼ inches) from top of bib to hem

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