Modern Baby by Judy Lamb

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Modern Baby: 6 Outfits to Warm Your Favorite Crawler (DIY, knit, yarn, sweater, onesie, hat) Dress that baby in hand-knitted warmth and greatness with Modern Baby! Inside you ll find 6 flawlessly adorable knit onesie patterns with coordinating hats. We'd choose a favorite, but we truly can't each is sheer perfection, thanks to designer Judy Lamb and her modern, marvelous style. Patterns include:

  • All-of-a-Twist
  • Diamond Brocade
  • Framed Cable
  • Lace Accent
  • Mixed Berry

Okay, that last one might just be our favorite. Maybe. Each pattern is rated Intermediate and comes together fairly quickly using medium weight yarn. These knit beauties make exceptional gifts! Especially the Diamond Brocade one. And the Framed Cable one. They're all our favorites!

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